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JULY - JULI 2021

*This is A.S.O-E1 analysis as in Europe continent are rains, flooding, snow and all kind of climate abnormalities .
The Tetrahedron shows from where is it comming from Arctic …from there. Fluctuations from summer heat combined with a space coldness. I wish Everyone to survive to beleave in nature , it is all transitorious effects and are for 10-14 days at most …God protect us all

*Dies ist eine A.S.O-E1-Analyse, da auf dem europäischen Kontinent Regen, Überschwemmungen, Schnee und alle Arten von Klimaanomalien auftreten.
Das Tetraeder zeigt, woher es aus der Arktis kommt … von dort. Schwankungen der Sommerhitze kombiniert mit einer spacekälte. Ich möchte, dass jeder in der Natur überlebt, es ist alles nur vorübergehend und dauert höchstens 10-14 Tage … Gott beschütze uns alle.

*In this moments we observe a Earth Tilt Rotation and as you can see climate abnormalities everywhere , it s not end of a planet or who is diagnosing it wrongly it’s just transitorios effects from Earth Planet Tilt and we will make new A.S.O.-E1 climate analysis soon .

*In diesen Momenten beobachten wir eine Erdneigungsrotation und wie Sie überall Klimaanomalien sehen können, ist dies kein Ende eines Planeten oder wer diagnostiziert es falsch, es sind nur vorübergehende Effekte von der Erdplanetenneigung und wir werden neue ASO-E1 erstellen Klimaanalyse bald.

Let us fall in love Ho’i Hou Ke Aloha all over again @-@

Hei-Va , carnival , in july 2021 this year on polynesian islands present i / we think a thankfulness to life and living and to gods for everything with a dance sport and celebration .

Air Space Ophthalmology Experimental
“Whatever happens in the rest of this summer, whatever happens the rest of your life, it’s important that you are happy, and stay that way.", Loving Summer ”
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“Instead of worrying what others think of you, concentrate on what you care about instead.", Loving Summer ”
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“Perhaps it is always summer, in the place where we are young.”
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In Old TIme Ways
Old Timer Cars are much much harder to keep in and to keep in going and it s a also a great pleasure ...
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After a some decades maybe 30 years what we saw and discovered ? Only one thing , we all know that 2/3 rd of Earth is water and islands and freedom , We can only Quote saillors or famous captains…“I wanted freedom, open air, adventure. I found it on the sea.”

I / We will talk on unusual way about how to cure and make a live long and prosper possible .

  • OST Original SoundTracks  FROM MOVIES OR TV SHOWS  much much  better to have from to listen a great music /in a long long period of tv s or radios / 

Many science  theories are just a theories , for a new year 2021 and drunk a lot , we can say , only one is a wave and everything is a wave or wave is all and all is a wave…. Happy new 2021 , HIP HIP HURRY @-@

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*Quien encuentra a un/a amigo/a encuentra un tesoro*

*Wer einen Freund findet, findet einen Schatz*

Sun and Vitamins

What To Do On A Coast ?



  • Summer and High Temperatures are very healthy in a  todays times , Sun cures and Nice Climate gives a good feeling and health . The Basic Posture a many many year ago are confirming that Viruses do not exist in nature and that a high sun photonic radiation over 40 – 45 – 50 C  or 104 – 122 F is drying a environment which is deadly for a virus any host and for any virus too …As no oxygen in vacuum space there is no living virus in a nature . 
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This site should be for cure for health for 7 Seas and 7 Oceans  , diving, sailling, beach relax, or enjoying in a beautifulness of water .

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*yoga, meditation, relaxation, kung fu and fitness a little and oceans and seas *